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Broadsides of “Night Questions,” “Essay on Thunder,” and an excerpt of “Dear, beloved,” designed and printed by Heather Hughes at Bow and Arrow Press

The extraordinary Heather Hughes has created stunning limited-edition broadsides of three of my poems: “Night Questions” (unpublished, forthcoming in Arrow), “Essay on Thunder” (American Poetry Review, also forthcoming in Arrow), and an excerpt from “Dear, beloved” (POETRY, also forthcoming in Arrow). All three are available for purchase either individually or as a group. There are 50 of each (numbered); Heather hand-typeset them. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more details; you can also find purchasing information below.


“Essay on Thunder”

Originally published in American Poetry Review (November/December 2018).


“Night Questions”

Unpublished! Get it here alone! (Until Arrow.)


from “Dear, beloved”

The poem in full can be found in POETRY (April 2017).

Price: $15/ea. or $40 for the full set (+ S&H). Please contact me using the form below or by email if you’re interested; thank you so much.

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The image behind the overlay: Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama. See it in full, and in full color, here.