Until recently, I was poetry editor of AGNI, art editor of At Length, and roving editor of other projects. I’m currently on an editorial hiatus, but have retained the descriptions of these positions below.

Poetry Editor, AGNI Magazine

Until 2019 I was poetry editor at AGNI Magazine, where I was been a member of the editorial staff since 2006 (editorial assistant from 2006-2008, assistant poetry editor from 2008-2016). The images below are of a few of my favorite recent covers. (I’m currently contributing editor, which means that I advise.) Please click any one of them to visit our website, which presents new work every two weeks via AGNI Online, the online counterpart to our print magazine, and has information about subscriptions, submissions, back issues, events, and much more.

Art Editor, At Length

After having admired At Length for a long time, I was thrilled to join their editorial staff as art editor from 2017-2019. The images below come from the pieces I've published in this capacity, which include features of individual artists as well as long-form and experimental art writing; please click on any one of them to visit our website, where you'll find not only the work I am excited to be publishing in the art section but a host of other long-form work in poetry, prose, photography, and music.

Edited with introduction, Soundings: On the Poetry of Melissa Green

Twenty poets, fiction writers, visual artists, musicians, editors, and scholars gather here to provide an overview and to engage in a celebration of Melissa Green, a poet and a woman who epitomizes the word survivor. With responses that range from a sonnet to prose poems to literary criticism to personal reflections to an interview, the collection amasses key writings about Green from recent publications as well as a wealth of new perspectives on her—and, fittingly, it is also a celebration of poetry itself. Tom Sleigh once described Green’s work as “the very definition of what Hopkins once celebrated as the ‘achieve of; the mastery of the thing.’” Soundings also contains a previously unpublished poem by Green herself. As a festschrift comprised of responses that span critical and artistic genres, soundings for the first time allows readers to explore Green’s extraordinary achievement, mastery, and life. 

Contributors: Malachi Black, Askold Melnyczuk, Major Jackson, Melissa Kwasny, Chloe Honum, Dana Levin, Rosanna Warren, Carol Moldaw, J. Mae Barizo, Sven Birkerts, Karl Kirchwey, Steven Ratiner, Joyce Peseroff, David Rivard, Cynthia Haven, Anna Schuleit Haber, George Kalogeris, William Pierce, and Phillip B. Williams, as well as Green herself.


Guest editor, The Alphabet (an art project by Anna Schuleit Haber)

In 2014, I had the great good luck to be a guest editor for The Alphabet, a public art project by Anna Schuleit Haber in the town of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Commissioned by the Fitchburg Art Museum and in collaboration with the Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper, the project took over the front page of the Sentinel & Enterprise every day for 26 days. Each day's paper would feature a typographer's take on their letter of the alphabet, as well as pieces of poetry and prose by contributors and by the student interns themed on the letter. Below is my comment on the project as a whole, ending the editorial for the final day, "Z." Above is an image of all of the days placed together. Please click on either one to be directed to an article in Hyperallergenic that provides a comprehensive overview the project.

The image behind the overlay: Mont Sainte-Victoire by Paul Cézanne. See it in full, and full color, here.