My essays, reviews, and other forms of public criticism can be found in Los Angeles Review of BooksRain Taxi Review of BooksBoston Review, and elsewhere; my work tends to focus on the intersections between poetry, the arts, philosophy, and contemporary or topical concerns.

Forthcoming in late-August at the Los Angeles Review of Books, an essay about the Poet Laureate of the U.S., Tracy K. Smith: "The Trouble You Promised: Reading Tracy K. Smith." (Link when available.)

At the Los Angeles Review of Books, an essay about British poet Alice Oswald: "Carried Off to the World's End: A Study of Alice Oswald in Five Parts." 

Thanks to Lit Hub, Norton, and Poetry Foundation, where you can find this writeup on the Harriet blog, for linking to this essay.

At Rain Taxi Review of Books, an essay about Rilke's late French poetry: "Night Out of Many Many Bright Roses." 

Other short pieces, including essays, blog posts, reviews, and more, can be found at Poetry FoundationAt LengthBoston Review (on Ken Chen, on Christina Pugh), Rain Taxi (on Aaron Kunin, Franz Wright, Jennifer Grotz), and more. See my CV & home page for more & recent.

The image behind the overlay: The Arch of Hysteria by Louise Bourgeois. See it in full, and full color, here.