I am currently finishing my first poetry manuscript, a full-length titled "O Spirit." Many of my recent publications, including the long poems "Marigolds" (At Length, 2015) and "Dear, beloved" (POETRY, 2017), as well as shorter poems like "Spring" (Boston Review, 2015), "Hound" (Witness, 2016), and "And death demands a labor" (Adroit, 2016), and others, come from this project. Find links to these poems as well as a few others below; please see my CV and home page for more.

"Dear, beloved." POETRY (April 2017). I was thrilled to also have the chance to speak with Don Share and Lindsay Garbutt from the Poetry Foundation about this poem, and read some excerpts of it, on the POETRY Magazine podcast. And in the April 2017 iteration of the "What We're Reading" feature on the Poetry Foundation's blog, I had the chance to talk about some of the books that were on my mind while writing this poem. 

“Orchards, I.” Berfrois (29 June 2016).

“Bear, II.” The Journal 40.2 (Spring 2016).

“And death demands a labor.” Adroit 16 (Spring 2016). Includes an audio file of me reading the poem. 

“Hound.” Witness XXIX.1 (Spring 2016).

“Luz.” Gulf Coast 28.1 (Winter/Spring 2016).

“Marigolds.” At Length (July 2015).

“Spring.” Boston Review (May/June 2015). 

The image behind the overlay: Untitled by Lee Krasner. See it in full, and full color, here.