In 2018-2019, I am Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Emory University, as well as a Lecturer in English and Creative Writing. Please see below for information about my prior and forthcoming teaching experience, which includes Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; topics courses in WGSS; poetry survey courses; creative writing courses in poetry writing; American Literature surveys; writing courses; and editing and publishing. 

Instructor of Record (Emory University)

    WGS 385: Anthropocene Ethics (Spring 2019) [materials forthcoming]
    WGS 285: Sex Machines and Breasts Like Martinis - Contemporary Poetry and Queer/Feminist Theory (Fall 2018) 
                     [syllabus] [whiteboard tumblr] [Original Poems and Reflections project compilation: forthcoming]
    WGS 200: Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (two sections, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)
                     [F18 syllabus] [F18 whiteboard tumblr] [S19 materials forthcoming]
    ENGCW 271: Introduction to Poetry Writing
                     [syllabus] [course chapbooks digital exhibit forthcoming]
    ENGL 250: Poetry (Spring 2017)
                     [course website, including syllabus
    ENGL 181 (Writing About Literature): Women Writing Extraordinary Ecologies (Spring 2015)
                     [course website, including syllabus]
    ENGL 101 (Expository Writing): Nonhumans (Fall 2014)
                     [course website, including syllabus]

Guest Lectures

    ENG 204: Literary Journalism, Providence College - November 2016
    ENGL 190/NBB 190: Languages of Emotion - November 2016
    ENGCW 271: Introduction to Poetry Writing - October 2016
    ENGL 3140: Editing for Publications, Georgia State University - February 2016
    ENGCW 271: Introduction to Poetry Writing - February 2015
    ENGL 251: American Literature Since 1850 - February 2014

Teaching Assistantships

    ENGL 251: American Literature Since 1850, Emory University - Spring 2014
    ENGL 250: American Literature To 1850, Emory University - Fall 2013
    WRIT 126: Writing Tutorial, Wellesley College - Spring 2007, Spring 2008

Volunteer Instructing

    Poetry Instructor, PEN New England Prison Writing Program, Boston, MA - 2010–2012

The image behind the overlay: Untitled (North/South) by Jitka Hanzlova. See it in full, and full color, here.